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This page attempts to introduce one-click hosters, and help you choose one by comparing the details of their service.

One-click hosters are websites that easily offer internet users a service to upload files, so they can access them from different computers, or share them with other people. A lot of them offer both free and paid accounts or instant usage that does not even require an account. Most of them seem to get their revenue from advertisement. Advantages of one-click hosters are:

  1. instant use
  2. no need to stay online to keep sharing your files
  3. only upload once, not a lot of bandwidth needed
  4. easy to use for the people that download stuff

Disadvantages are:

  1. Most of them have limitations, like: limited file size, wait times before downloading, no direct link to the file (you have to download it from a page they provide), files get deleted after some time not being downloaded, or after you have not logged in for some time.
  2. Bad search integration. Compared to p2p, rare things are currently much harder to find on one-click hosters. Often you have to collect the url from a blog or forum. See our search engine comparison for help.

Usually people sharing files on a one click hoster put the links to the files on some forum or blog. Sometimes the files will be encrypted to avoid hosters deleting them for terms of service violation. Some hosters are still active in seeking out files by searching on blogs and by referer logs, so special tools have been created to protect files against deletion, like the following:

  1. This service redirects links so the original page cannot be found from the referer logs.

Comparison Chart

The following table provides you a list of one-click hosters.1 The intention is not to be complete, but rather to give you the best useful servers. We focus on free services, and all the sites listed provide at least some free service, but many have non-free less limited offers. The features compared in the table are for the free-est service provided. Eg, if there is a service which does not require signup, this service's details are listed. Obviously this excludes rewards programs, since you will always have to sign up before they could/would pay you. If signup leads to some extra's it will be mentioned in the misc. notes. Sites with less than 100mb file size are not listed. I know it would be nice to be able to sort the table, but I don't think it is possible on wikidot for the moment, so try this bookmarklet if you want to sort any table on any website. Drag the button to your bookmarks toolbar to install.

Web Hostl Languagel Max. file sizel Waiting timel Download limitsl File expirationl Misc. notesl Signup neededl Remote Uploadingl Rewards Programl Delete possiblel
2sharedl enl 1000MBl nol unlimitedl ?l up and down speeds where 1.5MB when I tested. Is related to 4shared, but no signup or virtual drive and bigger filesl nol nol nol yesl
4sharedl enl 100MBl 10s.l unlimitedl 30 days of no loginl Provides a directory structure. Good for sharing lots of small related files, like books on 1 subject. You get 5GB per account.l yesl nol yesl yesl
Axifilel enl 200MBl 35sl unlimitedl 30 daysl Slow upload.l nol nol nol yesl
Badongol fr, en, de, cn, nl, it, jp, pt, es, trl 1000MBl 15sl 4.8Gb/day, 500kbpsl 50 daysl Windows auto-splitting upload tool for registered users (“Buddy”)l nol nol ?l yesl
Bigfilezl en, ru, esl 500MBl yes ??l 100kbpsl 30 daysl -l yesl ?l ?l ?l
Biguploadl enl 500MBl nol Capped 100kbit/s download ratel 60 days of inactivityl presents you also with instant code to enter in forums, websites, etc. Upload 3mb/sl nol nol yesl yesl
Bitsharel del 100MBl 15sl 250kb/sl 7 days of inactivityl sign up for some extra'sl nol nol nol yesl
BOXSTr.coml enl 1GBl nol 1000MB Dailyl 30 days of no loginl Hotlinking. Multiple Upgrade Plans and Downloadable Desktop Manager. Free storage 5GB.l yesl nol nol yesl
CloneMyFilel enl 500MBl nol yesl 30 days of inactivity unless you have freely signed up,so links
will be maintained securely in your accountl
Mirror your local or remote files up to more than 6 popular
free hosts,,Easyshare,, Megaupload and Badongo .l
nol yesl nol yesl
DepositFilesl enl 300MBl 60s.l 100kb/sl 30 days of inactivityl After downloading a file you have to wait before you can download another. Amount of time depends on number of MB downloaded.l nol nol yesl yesl
DivSharel enl 200MBl nol 50 GB/monthl 7 daysl sign up for folders, built-in flash mp3 and video streamer, image hosting and galleries, groups, profiles. Slow download speeds have been reported. 5GB per accountl yesl ?l ?l yesl
Drivewayl enl 500MBl nol unlimitedl ?l sign up for a folder with extra options and 2GB storagel nol nol nol nol
Dropboxl enl 2000MBl nol ?l unlimitedl Requires a client (win, mac, linux available). Is more like a synchronised backup folder, but you can share files with a public hotlink. DropBox is ad-free.l yesl nol nol yesl
drop.iol enl 100MBl nol unlimitedl up to 365 days of inactivity of the drop spacel This is an original one. You just have an url like and you can add files to it, let others do the same or only view them, email files to it, call to it (it's like an answering machine), fax in our out of it (usa only)…l nol nol nol yesl
Egosharel en, del 300MBl 15s.l 500kb/sl 60 days of inactivityl Upload software is available. FTP also.l nol yesl nol yesl
EvilSharel enl 128MBl nol unlimitedl 10 days of inactivity, 3 days if less than 5 downloadsl -l nol nol nol yesl
Fastsharel del 200MBl 10sl ?l 31 days of inactivityl -l nol nol nol yesl
File.aml enl 200MBl nol unlimitedl 30 days of inactivityl Concurrent downloads/uploads. Unlimited uploads and downloads. Download-accelerators supportl nol yesl nol Yesl
Filefactoryl enl 300MBl yes ?l yes ?l 30 days of inactivityl -l nol nol nol nol
FileFrontl enl 1000MBl nol ?l 6 months of inactivityl fast uploadl nol nol nol nol
FileTownl enl 100MBl nol unlimitedl Save so long as you want .l no ads, no registrationl nol nol nol yesl
FlyUploadl enl 2000MBl yesl ?l 30 days of inactivityl Had to click 10 times on a link before i could downloadl nol nol nol nol
FreeFileServerl enl 100MBl yesl unlimitedl 30 days minimuml Sign up for extras. Deep linking is possible.l nol yesl ?l ?l
GigaSizel en, es, frl 300MBl 60sl 200 MB/10hl 20 daysl Sign up for some extras.l nol nol nol yesl
Good.netl enl 1000MBl variablel yesl 90 days of inactivityl Signup allows for unlimited downloading, hotlinking.l nol nol nol yesl
HyperFileSharel enl 250MBl nol unlimitedl 30 days of inactivityl -l nol nol nol yesl
in.solit.usl enl unlimitedl nol unlimitedl unlimitedl WebDAV supportl yesl yesl nol yesl
LaunchFilel enl 250MBl 5s.l unlimitedl 180 daysl downloader can only download 1 file per ip. ftp uploads.l nol yesl nol yesl
Load.tol enl 300MBl 10s.l ?l 30 days of inactivityl -l nol yesl nol yesl
MassMirrorl enl 1000MBl yesl yesl 30 days of inactivityl Mirrors your file on other free hosts.l nol yesl nol yesl
MediaFirel enl 100MBl nol ?l unlimitedl Does not allow password protected rar files. Multiple simultaneous upload & download. Virus scan of upload.l nol nol nol nol
Megarotic, MegaUploadl enl 1024MBl 45s.l yesl 30 days of inactivityl -l nol nol yesl nol
Megasharesl enl 10000MBl nol 250MB/2 hoursl 30 days of inactivityl Upload resume feature. Maximum file size 10000MB with Java uploader. Maximum file size 1500MB with HTML uploader. Up about 200kb/sl nol yesl yesl yesl
MiHD.netl enl 100MBl nol unlimitedl 60 daysl -l nol nol nol yesl
myDataBusl enl 1500MBl nol 1 GB/dayl 14 days of inactivityl 10GB of free space; store files, integrate with Facebook.coml yesl yesl yesl nol
myfile.chl en, del 100MBl yesl ?l 30 days of inactivityl -l nol yesl nol yesl
Nakidol en, fr, de, ch, jp, it, es, chl 2000MBl 2 min+l yesl 90 days inactivity, unless Nakido members Flush them!l Download speed is much faster with Nakido Flag, it is a plug-in (works on all browsers). They claim they take files up to 99GB, but that's not working.l nol nol nol yesl
NitroUploadl en, ru, esl 250MBl nol unlimitedl 30 days of inactivityl often inaccessablel nol yesl nol yesl
RapidSharel enl 200MBl ?l 50kB/sl 90 days of inactivityl Unusable for many due to ISP proxies.l nol yesl yesl yesl
rarhostl enl 150MBl Nol ?l 30 days of inactivityl Advanced file hosting for .RAR files.l ?l ?l ?l ?l
SendThisFilel enl unlimitedl nol Max 3 downloads/file, 8 MB/secondl 6 daysl Large number of useful features for business users.l yesl ?l ?l ?l
SendSpacel enl 300MBl nol Maximum of 50GB of traffic for each file.l 7 days of inactivity (free service)l Concurrent downloads possible from the same IP.l nol nol ?l Yesl
sharing.rul rul 1000MBl ?l ?l ?l -l nol ?l ?l ?l
Simpleuploadl enl 300MBl 15s.l yesl 30 days of inactivityl -l nol nol nol yesl
Speedsharel del 200MBl nol 150kb/sl 190 days of inactivityl Remote upload possible but long waiting.l nol yesl nol yesl
StoreWithl enl 500MBl nol unlimitedl 60 days of inactivityl Images can be hotlinked. Folder with nice gui for storing up to 5gig files if you signup.l nol nol yesl yesl
TinyLoadl enl 100MBl N/Al N/Al N/Al Uploads your file to other hosters (of your choice, can be multiple). Does not host itself.l nol nol nol nol
TransferBigFilesl enl 1000MBl nol ?l 5 days or 20 downloadsl Sign up for a dropzone desktop gadget and you can set optional settings to be notified of downloadl nol nol nol nol
Transfer.rol ro, enl 1000MBl nol unlimitedl 10 daysl Hotlinking.l nol nol nol nol
Upitus.netl enl 100MBl Nol ?l 30 days of inactivityl -l nol yesl nol yesl
UploadBox.coml en, rul 2000MBl 30sl unlimitedl 30 days of inactivityl -l nol yesl yesl yesl
Uploaded.Tol en, it, del 250MBl nol ?l 60 days of inactivityl Password protection possible for the downloads.l nol nol yesl yesl
Uploadingl en, rul 300MBl 45sl yes ?l unlimitedl -l nol yes l yesl yesl
Uploadingitl enl 100MBl nol 2 GB/dayl unlimitedl Hotlinking. Folder Service with max 10GB. Only certain file formats are allowed.l yesl nol nol yesl
Wualal en, de, ru, pt, swe, frl unlimitedl nol unlimitedl unlimitedl Social networking tool. Java client and signup even needed for downloading. 1GB free storage. You can trade disk space to get more.l yesl nol nol yesl
YouSendItl enl 100MBl nol 100 downloadsl 7 daysl You are obliged to give an email adress. Sign up for some extra's.l nol nol nol nol
Web Hostl Languagel Max. file sizel Waiting timel Download limitsl File expirationl Misc. notesl Signup neededl Remote Uploadingl Rewards Programl Delete possiblel

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