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One-click hosters are websites that let people easily, and usually for free, host files to backup, or to share with others. Often these files are meant for the general public, and thus these hosting sites might have files that interest you. Compared with p2p software, there is no central search engine to search the existing files. There are however search engines that allow you to search on some of these sites, check over here and this page attempts to list the useful ones, so you can easily search for files.

Most of them crawl the web for links to these hosting services, because the hosting companies themselves often do not make public the files that they host. Some hosting services have their own search engine. Scroll down for a list of them.

Our own search

The portal here has it's own file search, this content which simply uses google to find your search terms combined with the url's of well known hosting services. Try it out, it really works quite well. I have tested all of these queries to make sure that you can really find stuff on these hosts. Hosts that only returned 404's have not been included.

Usage: Google limits the number of words in a query to 32. This means that you can only search for about 8 or 9 hosters in one search. To compensate our search will open several new tabs with Google search results, so you can search all the hosters for rare files at once if you like. The drawback is that browsers' popup blockers block opening several windows. If you want to use this feature, you have to edit your preferences of you pop-up blocker to allow popups from filesharing.wikidot.com1. If you don't want this, you are limited to searching about 9 hosters a time.

Comparison table

Engine Sites it searches Comments
4MegaUpload MegaUpload -
FileCyb RapidShare Also searches for torrents
Files Tube RapidShare, MegaUpload, Megashares, YouSendIt, SaveFile, FileFront and Badongo. -
Filez RapidShare -
Firefox and Seamonkey File sharing Search Plugins - This is a list of over 200 search engines and search plugins supported by Firefox and Seamonkey to search specifically for files on hosters, usegroups, ftp and p2p
Rapid Library RapidShare -
RapidShare Search Engine RapidShare -
ShareMiner RapidShare, MegaUpload, SendSpace, zShare -

List of hosters with a search function

Hoster Comments
4shared -
Bigupload Only for video's
Evilshare -
Filefront -
Megashares -
Nakido - -


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