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In the hopes of keeping the info on this site up to date, it is open to contribution by anyone. It is however not open to anything! Before editing please consider the following:

The idea behind this site is to give a good overview of free technologies for filesharing. It is not meant as a publicity site for pay services, not even the features of a site or software that also offers a free service. When including information about products, always include info on the free service only (for one click hosters for example, always give the features for the free-est product, eg no signup needed if available, and then mention signup for extras in the notes field). This allows people to compare and find the best service without spending money.

There is to main sections to the site. There is comparison charts and guides. The distinction is important in the sense that a comparison chart exists out of data that needs to be kept up to date, and that is not very personal. If you find information that is lacking or not correct, check the talk page and if there is nothing there about this, correct it. If your edit might be controversial, motivate it on the talk page.
A guide is a tutorial that is usually written by one person and that is more sensitive on the editing part. Preferably if you want to write a guide, get an account and sign the guide with your username. The author of a guide has final say about what is in it, as long as it fits into the site. For changes other than spelling mistakes, please make use of the talk pages to propose changes to guides instead of editing them directly.

A final point about "democracy". If such thing exists, I don't believe in it. It will never be perfect and I will not pretend by having complex policies and decision making processes like on wikipedia. To keep it simple, I keep final say over this project, and in disputes between people who can't solve them themselves. I created this site with a specific project in mind, it being a tool that empowers people to share files and to learn, and it is for keeping on this track that I will use administrative powers if necessary. If you revert someone's edits, motivate. You can slap me if I don't do that.

The quality of the info is more important than the quantity. Again taking one click hosters as an example, it does not need to be complete, but it definitely needs to have those sites that offer the best service. Helping people find those services is the main objective of the site.

When putting external links, please have them opening in a new window/tab for consistency. This can be done by prefixing an asterix to the url.

I hope that this site may be useful to a lot of people.

About contributing to the site by najasnajas, 27 Aug 2008 18:34

wow, even replies

Re: Test the forum by najasnajas, 17 Jun 2008 00:56
Test the forum
najasnajas 17 Jun 2008 00:55
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hurray its working

Test the forum by najasnajas, 17 Jun 2008 00:55
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