Rules For Contributing

Feel welcome to contribute information, but please follow these guidelines:

  1. Hold your fire! Often you might feel like quickly adding something here or there. Please understand that content quality generally increases a lot if you do the effort to look some things up, so you are really sure you are right. Don't write on impulse.
  2. Try to respect the structure of the site. I will try to keep it structured and articles should find their place in that structure. If there isn't, this might mean that you are planning to expand the scope of this wiki outside of what I had planned for it so far, and in that case I prefer to be contacted first.
  3. Respect other's work. In particular realise that putting something together takes a lot of work. If you disagree with something, don't just delete it, try to think what would be best for the community, and if that would mean undoing someone else's work, try to convince them about it first.
  4. Last but not least, this is a technical guide about how to do things, and what options are out there. It is not meant for discussions about the legality of file sharing and justifiability of intellectual patents and copyrights. Please find other forums to discuss these, like this one: Intellectual Property Discussion Forum. Comments in the genre of "filesharing is illegal" will be removed without notice. A basic description of legality will be given in the relevant guides, to inform the reader of the current legal status, but without taking any moralising stances.


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