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Before adding sites, please keep the following in mind


(do NOT add the following hosters to the list unless the reason for blacklisting has disappeared. In that case, post on the discussion page motivating your decision. There are so many good one-click hosters that we should not list any that put spam and spyware on people's systems or have extremely irritating popup banners etc… A short list with all the best hosters is more usefull than 1000 of crappy ones! — najas)

- any site with a max file size of less than 100mb.
- any site that has no free service
- any site that installs spy or other malware. (such as
- any site that uses very irritating popups or popup layers like usenext

- —> A very irritating popup from usenext redering the entire site unusable.


The following sites were not working properly. If this can be verified by multiple people, give'm the boot. If it works properly for you, take them off this list, and note in the discussion page

BigFilez, could not get it working, but i didn't sign up.
CocoShare, Extremely slow download… , by 29 june 2008 only white page, if remains boot it, i can't get it working, "You didn't pick a file to upload"
filecruncher -> can't get it working uploading gives an error won't upload -> looks great, but have some trouble with their upload tools. Also it seems it is no longer being actively developed. -> might be interesting, but you need to sign up and the email verification does not work, so unusable for now. -> maximum upload size exceeded with 10mb file. -> upload is not working neither in firefox nor internet explorer -> always redirect to front page without showing download link… -> after clicking upload, it shows but some garbled text… -> no connect to mysql… -> were under construction -> was not functioning "undefined 40" javascript error —> downloading doesn't work -> error. —> redirects immediately to front page without giving the file links. —> uploading stalls at less than 1 mb…

Further notes about adding info to the table:

- try as much as possible to actually test the services, and try to find out the info for all fields
- always compare the most free service. A site which has signup and no signup free services, put need signup -> No, and fill in the details for the no signup
system. Then put "better deal if you signup" in the misc. comments field.
- if you don't know the status for a certain field, add a '-', so don't use '-' to mean "no".
- put them in alphabetical order
- remote upload means: allowing to enter an url to select the file to upload instead of only browsing on your local computer
- keep in mind that the table easily becomes wide, so be economic on space (eg. don't put "Yes. 15s." , just put "15 s."


Reverted edit on lauchfile.

Please see this thread, that I should have written earlier. Sorry, najas

Reverted edit by Walte (2008-02-02)

I'm sorry, but your link points to a paysite, and the page is not informational at all. If you really think industrial use of filesharing is an interesting topic, feel free to research it and write an interesting page about it here on the filesharing portal. This link however smells like spam to me.


Always AdBlock while using the interweb

  • It is the height of foolishness to view the web without updated AdBlocking.
  • I greatly prefer uBlock Origin (github) when using either firefox or chromium (chrome is evil). I also use EFF's Privacy Badger extension. Ads are not the only evil on the interweb needing blocking.
  • AdBlocking defends your Natural Right to privacy
  • 3rd party ads profit by injuring the viewer
  • very-unlike Ad"block" Plus [more ads], a deceitful extension by Wladimir Palant and EyeO, uBlock Origin blocks ads without taking money from advertising networks to become unblocked.
  • sites or apps displaying 3rd party interweb ads are the OPPOSITE of free; they are a COST far too high
  • blocking 3rd party ads greatly reduce the chances of a malware incident

~ AdsProfitViaRAPE

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